Urban Technologies’s warranty obligations are limited to the terms set forth below:

Urban Technologies, P.B.C. (“Urban Technologies”) expressly warrants to you, the original purchaser, that for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of original purchase date or ship date, whichever is later (the “Limited Warranty Period”), this refurbished computer and its parts (collectively the “Product”) will be reasonably free of defects in materials or workmanship.

If a defect exists, and Urban Technologies is obligated under this Limited Warranty, at its option, Urban Technologies will (1) repair the Product at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts, or (2) exchange the Product with a product that is at least functionally equivalent to the Product. When the Product is repaired or replaced by Urban Technologies, the repaired or replacement product remains subject to the Limited Warranty Period. When a product or part is exchanged, any replacement item becomes your property and the replaced item becomes Urban Technologies’s property. All determinations under this Limited Warranty will be made in Urban Technologies’s discretion.

This Limited Warranty is not transferable. Any transfer of this Limited Warranty will be ineffective and will immediately void this Limited Warranty.


To obtain service, call Urban Technologies’s Customer Service at (904) 990-6300. When you contact Urban Technologies’s Customer Service, you will be asked to furnish your name, address, telephone number, and proof of the original purchase (receipt) containing a description of the Product, purchase date, and the Product’s serial number. Before you deliver the Product for Limited Warranty service, it is your responsibility to keep a separate backup copy of the system software, application software and data, and disable any security passwords. You will be responsible for reinstalling all such software, data and passwords. Data recovery is not included in this Limited Warranty service and Urban Technologies is not responsible for data that may be lost or damaged during transit or a repair or replacement. Your submission of the Product for service is a representation and warranty to Urban Technologies that you have removed all personally identifiable or sensitive data from the Product.


This Limited Warranty applies only to hardware products sold by Urban Technologies. This Limited Warranty does not apply to any software or virus-related problems.

Urban Technologies is not liable for any damage to or loss of any programs, data, or other information stored on any media. Recovery and reinstallation of system and application software and user data are not covered under this Limited Warranty.

This Limited Warranty does not apply to damage caused by: (a) accident, abuse, misuse, misapplication or accidental damage from handling; (b) service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone other than an Urban Technologies authorized representative; (c) disasters such as fire, flood, lightning or improper electric current; (d) operation not within the original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) specifications; (e) improper shipping or installation; (f) third party software, viruses, spyware, overclocking, hacking or other non-recommended practices; or (g) modifications, removal and/or replacement of hardware performed by anyone other than an Urban Technologies authorized representative.

This limited warranty and remedies set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, remedies and conditions, whether oral or written, express or implied. Urban Technologies cannot and does not make any express or implied warranties with respect to the product, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. If Urban Technologies cannot lawfully disclaim implied warranties under this limited warranty, all such warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited in duration to the duration of this limited warranty. No Urban Technologies agent or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this limited warranty.

In no event shall Urban Technologies be liable to you in tort, contract or otherwise, for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential, reliance, statutory, special, punitive or exemplary damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits, loss of use, loss of time, loss of revenues, inconvenience, loss of business opportunities, damage to goodwill or reputation, damage to or replacement of equipment and property, costs of recovering, reprogramming, or reproducing any program or data stored in or used with the product, loss of data, or any failure to maintain the confidentiality of data stored on the product, even if advised of the possibility of such damages or such damages could have been reasonably foreseen, in connection with, arising out of, or as a result of, the sale, delivery, servicing, use or loss of use of the product, or for any of your liability to any third party with respect thereto. Urban Technologies specifically does not represent that it will be able to repair the product under this limited warranty or make a product exchange without risk to or loss of programs or data.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or exclusions or limitations on the duration of implied warranties or conditions, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary by state.

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