Generate profits from e-scrap and e-recycling

Urban Technologies is e-Steward certified and focuses on refurbishing and remarketing your old computers that still have a residual value. Our primary focus is asset recovery, maximizing your returned value. Computers that have reached the end of their useful life (end-of-life) and cannot be refurbished are recycled in an environmentally-responsible manner that allows for the safe extraction of the raw materials so they can be reused in other products. Our recycling process is Net Zero – nothing ends up in a landfill. This process is validated through our e-Steward certification.

Our services include:

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and Asset Recovery

We refurbish and resell your decommissioned or idle computers, maximizing returned value on your IT assets.

e-Waste Recycling

e-Recycling is the only eco-friendly option to recover raw materials when your electronics have reached their end of life. It is the most responsible and efficient way to manage and dispose of your old and retired equipment. We provide detailed reporting, ensuring you can document the legal recycling of every electronic device. Our processes are always completed locally, transparently, and with accountability. All of our electronic waste recycling facilities are e-Steward certified, meaning they have undergone the most rigorous and trusted international certification available in computer recycling.

Our electronic recycling center ensures:

  • Full transparency
  • Minimized cost and Maximized recovered value
  • Zero electronic waste in landfills
  • No international shipments of e-waste
  • Fully-audited downstream processing partners
  • Detailed audit reports with a Certificate of Recycling
  • Sustainability reporting