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What We Do

Secure Data Destruction & Electronics Recycling aren't all we do...


IT Asset Disposition

We tag, track, and process electronics for refurbishing, reselling, and recycling.

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Secure Data Destruction

We guarantee the safe destruction of sensitive data, with an unbroken chain of custody and options

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Electronics Recycling

We tear down every item to recover valuable commodities and precious metals while preventing toxins from entering at-risk environments.

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Impact Reporting

We validate the positive impact of your Urban Technologies with our custom Impact Report.

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Why choose Urban Technologies to handle your e-waste?

Urban Technologies properly disposes of and/or recycles your electronic devices, and destroys the data they contain, safely and securely. We also sell reasonably-priced, refurbished devices at our store. Urban Technologies is e-Steward and B-Corp certified, indicating that our e-waste disposal processes meet the requirements of social and environmental standards.

When entrusting your e-waste to Urban Technologies, you’re securing the confidentiality of your business’s data, boosting your reputation as an environmentally committed company, and actively contributing to efforts that make our planet a cleaner place.


Interested in purchasing refurbished equipment at a reasonable price?

Protect the privacy of your business’s data while saving the environment

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