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Urban Technologies sets the gold standard for e-waste recycling

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Urban Technologies is Newark, New Jersey's most trusted name in data destruction and electronic recycling

Receiving a B Corp. certification is no easy task — rigorous standards result in only 5,000 companies across all industries achieving it. Urban Technologies was the first business in Northeast Florida to attain this certification because of our commitment to the community combined with responsible environmental and corporate practices.

We’ve earned the trust of enterprise-level customers like Florida Blue and CSX by disposing of their old electronics the safe and responsible way, and we can do the same for your business. When you entrust your e-waste to an E-Steward Certified company such as Urban Technologies, you’re securing your business data’s confidentiality, boosting your reputation as an environmentally committed company, maximizing your recovered value, and actively making our planet a cleaner place.

Urban Technologies’s services include:


IT Asset Disposal

We tag, track, and process electronics for refurbishing, reselling, and recycling


Computer Refurbishing and Reselling

We guarantee the safe destruction of sensitive data, with an unbroken chain of custody.



We disassemble every item to recover valuable components and precious metals while preventing toxins from entering the environment.


Environmental Impact Reporting

We validate the positive impact of your Urban Technologies with our custom Impact Report.


Secure and Certified Data Destruction; On-site and Off-site

We protect you from data thieves by wiping your data and shredding your hard drive.


Asset Recovery-Refurbish and Resale

We evaluate, refurbish, and resell electronic systems and their components.

Our Partnership with Duval County Public Schools

Through the Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) Laptop Recovery Program, over the past school year, the district has made retired laptops available to students for $50. Thousands of students took advantage of the initiative, putting a strain on county resources. It was then that Urban Technologies stepped in to help.

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Our Certifications

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